Last week, we drove up north to Oregon to watch a college football game. Its not just any game, its Washington State Uni. Cougars against Oregon State Uni. Beavers. Go Cougs!

We left on Friday, which was on my birthday. 🙂 img_8013

And we decided to take the coastal route, I101 which was so beautiful. It took a little longer than the route we usually take up to Oregon but so much beautiful and scenic. 


oh so much caffeine, I’ve never drank this much caffeine in one day, but it was kinda fun! 🙂


We stopped at Bandon, Oregon for late lunch/early dinner. Fish and chips for the win. img_8079 img_8080


we did not get to our hotel until 8. and not til 9 to eat birthday cake which is pretty late for our family normal birthday cake eating celebration. 🙂

img_8089 img_8099

next day, we went downtown Albany, Oregon for a warm-up trick or treating.



only these two got to swim at the hotel pool.


And the game was not until 7:45 pm.



img_8113 img_8122 img_8292

and didn’t last til just after midnight. it was so much fun, Ava took a lil nap toward the end in the middle of the loud crowd.  img_8118

The next day was rainy and we started driving back. They played with their candies in the car which kind of save the day (long car ride).


It was a short get away but its always good to break the usual routine and change the view. 🙂 I at least felt so refreshed, the Albany/Corvallis town in Oregon are two beautiful little towns. We drove back thru little farm towns, green beautiful landscape, kinda got me thinking about the olden days. Peaceful and Simple Life!


Until next time!


We are already planning on our Thanksgiving break roadtrip. 🙂


Willow Creek, Cali

We took a drive about an hour inland to find a river to swim in, and oh what a difference it makes. The temperature rises about 20 degrees to 82 with humidity and it felt good to me. Because we live so close to the coast and we get the breezy feel all the time, it actually feels like summer when we went inland. Its a very small town called Willow Creek, about 45 min drive from where we live.


DSC_0131 DSC_0114 Ava PLAYS in the water the whole time we were there. She loves it. DSC_0122




Mashell and I were trying to do trick on this board. 🙂 It was so FUN to me, at least. The water felt so good with the scorching hot weather.


food always tastes better by the water. it was so hot that we need to constantly get in the water or drink and make sure the kids get there hats on.



there was a park pretty close to the river so we stopped for a while to cool off.

DSC_0137 IMG_4337 truth about this girl is that she loves the bars at the playground. Every time we’re at a playground, she has to do a trick or at least play with the bars. its time to put her in gymnastic. 🙂  DSC_0145 DSC_0149

DSC_0146 DSC_0150

We got this whole park all to ourselves. it’s a small town alright. 🙂


and then dinner, because we know we’ll be too tired to cook when we get home. 🙂


There is so much and too many cool places to discover in California. 🙂



Family Weekend

we had a special guest this weekend, and we’ve been waiting for what seems to be the longest time ever, (according to Mashell) 🙂


Brother Reunion after 5 yrs. 🙂 Smile!


Taco for dinner! ahah Tyler is still praying but Casey can’t wait. 🙂


we all got cool tshirts from Fargo. but only these two got pictures.



the next morning, Tyler took Casey with Mashell to a nice little town by the beach called Trinidad!

image image

while they were out exploring, we made these mini banana oatmeal for breakfast.

image image

and then T had baseball. Ty and Casey went first to watch the first part.


then the girls and I met them for the last part of the game. the field was pretty close to our place we just took a walk on the trail there.


Mashell had baseball too in the evening, an it was pretty chilly and I didn’t take any pix.


we went to church the next morning. Ava wanted “uncle Casey” to sit by her in the car. she really likes him and kept asking, “what’s his name again?” so cute. she’s always calling him and try to show him stuff. 🙂


and then after lunch we went to the beach. it was pretty windy so we didn’t stay too long.

imageimage image

those guys in the back are looking at a sweet cool video Casey took to send Ruth for Mother’s Day. 🙂

and then back to the house to have Sushi Sunday! we were having fun making sushi even Casey made his own.



movie time: we watched Hotel Transylvania 2 on repeat.

and then the next morning, the sad part: Casey’s flying back and Tyler flying out to Thailand for his work. Ava cried to sleep because she said “I miss uncle Casey”  I wish we don’t live so far away from family. It breaks my heart when she cries and says lets go visit them like they only live next door. We’re hoping soon we’ll see everybody again. I think a North Dakota trip is due very soon. 🙂


and off they go. Til next time, see you later! silly at the airport!


bye for now! See you in North Dakota!


Little Sweet Moments

Liana likes to match clothes with Mashell. she picks out their school outfit. 🙂 sometimes Mashell is willing to go with the matching but at other times, she thinks only little girls match clothes. 🙂


we watched Monster University for family movie night, its a good one.


found this bed frame on craigslist for Mashell and she wanted to paint it.


but first, SCRUB AND SAND…I like her color choice. lime green


she looks cute in this hairstyle I think, but when I took this picture and showed it to her, she cried so hard and said she only wants a curly ponytail. 🙂


I just threw whatever I had on hand together and made these Coconut Oatmeal Banana Cookies. they were so good, even better with coffee! yumm


this junior chef: she came back from school and made herself scrambled eggs and tomato soup..all by herself! I like it when she likes to cook.


and with two kids in baseball, we sometimes eat sunflower seeds for breakfast. 🙂


sweet moment..


she insisted we go to McDonalds, right after I went to the gym, I felt so guilty but its one of those little things that surely makes us both smiley and happy. 🙂 its the moment that counts, right?


I made two pretty flowers.


and lastly…another beautiful sunset!