Arts and Crafts

Last week we did few arts and craft projects. Liana and I made these “God’s eye”,


she learns to do this in church. we used sticks that we brought from the beach and yarns. It was pretty fun. And she finished her Lego set that she got from her birthday. We were so impressed, she spent about 2 weeks putting this together. sometimes she’ll come home from school and get to it right away. so much concentration and details going on to this one. 🙂


and this is Mashell’s drawing she did a while back and just took a picture of it. PEACE!


Ava learns to write her name, and she’s all about rainbows. everything she draws has to turn into rainbow colors.



And I finished another skirt, small one.


and a little cute wooden frame I put up on the wall up in the craft room. 🙂


we rearranged the girls bedroom, AGAIN!


Mashell’s side DSC_0002

Liana’s Side DSC_0003

and Good Night reading time, it looks more comfier now and they like it now that they’re side to side. 🙂

silly girl, she knows I’m taking a picture then she makes a face. )

So yeah, I called all these arts and crafts. 🙂