Beach Day

we went to a new beach today!



baseball practice at the beach. T will be playing in Babe Ruth Junior League and Mashell will be signed up for youth fast pitch. Now Liana wants to do T-ball! 🙂 she had some nice hits today.

image image image

its saturday sushi night ordered by Tyler! Its his new favorite food now! 




Where’s the Car Key?

T had basketball tonight, a little ways out of town and we were running late, like 5 minutes late. We rushed in the gym and left the car keys in the car. well, I didn’t realized until after the game. It was 6:30 pm. Its just me and the kids, Tyler is at work, his class starts at 7 pm. ahah I called a friend, they came and took T with them to go get the spare key from Tyler. all good, problem solved.

while we were waiting for T for more than half an hour, Ava took some pictures!

IMG_1112 IMG_1111 IMG_1117

we even went grocery shopping at Winco and Costco afterward, and that put Liana and Ava to sleep in the car even before we got home.

Stumpf not Stampf

T has been playing basketball for the past couple month or so. He’s doing pretty good, we hear compliments a lot of times and we sure feel so proud of him. The funny thing is there was a typo on his warm up jersey shirt but who cares, it doesn’t seem to bother him either…as long as he had fun playing basketball and made lots of shots. 🙂 and he watches so much Stephen Curry videos.


we had lunch on the porch Saturday afternoon. it was a beautiful day!