Finding Good in Bad Situation!

Hello and Lenwo! I took a break from writing here for a while now since we moved to our new place. Same city, new house! And a lot of things had happened since then, the school started, we have a 3rd grader, 5th grader, an 8th grader and a home preschooler. 🙂 they are growing up way too fast. :- pretty soon, Ava will start school too and I will be home alone, what am I going to do with myself?! I don’t know yet, and its kind of sad to think about it. 🙁 I told them all the time to STOP GROWING, but they won’t! 🙂 img_6062

on a happy note, we are all settled in our new place now. I sure believe in the saying that goes, “Everything happens for a reason!” its a FRESH NEW START!


It took us 3 weeks to find our new place. And during these time, we literally live out of our suitcase and backpacks, and it was kind of fun in someways. 🙂 We packed our day to day clothes and just kept hopping from hotels, vacation rental houses, and AirB&B rentals. Despite all these moving around day by day, I can say the least that its definitely fun and refreshing. Its just what we needed to do as a family.  We even took a little trip up to Oregon and spent couple days there.


The kids love staying at hotels, but Ava shows the most excitement. 🙂



This little town called Trinidad is very beautiful. We spent few nights there, waking up to ocean view every morning, and just walked down to the beach.

img_5706 img_5754 img_5739



And then the last place we stayed at was like a farm house. It was Tyler’s colleague’s Airbnb rental and her husband. There were fresh eggs, apples and pears, garden salad, chickens and dogs, and we even got to help make pressed fresh apple juice. God Bless this couples’ heart for their generosity and kindness.

img_6010img_5856 img_5836 img_5886 img_5793img_5842 img_5852 img_5889

img_6072 img_6071

img_5941 img_5965 img_6047 img_6058 img_6103 img_6145 img_6154 img_6157 img_6164 img_6210

We spent most of our nights sleeping together on the floor at this house, which was so comfortable and cozy. We go island style here. 🙂

I feel so Grateful for all the people who reached out to us during that time. I was reminded again of how Good God is. He has plans for us, and if we give our all and believe in him, he will take care of us. God is Great!

And just like that, we have a place to live!


Reminder of the day: BE POSITIVE!