I noticed how much the kids are eating lately…it’s been A LOT!  sometimes I feel like I just bought a loaf of bread yesterday and its gone today already.

The other day I bought a 3 lb bag of Halo oranges with all 3 girls with me in the car, and it didn’t even make it home with half of it. The day before that, I took Ava to the Safeway and she wanted to get blackberries which was $7 for 1 lb, (crazy Cali price) it didn’t even last that day.

This week I went to the grocery store about 10 times, BUT not my normal main grocery shopping, and I still don’t know what to make for dinner. I even went 2 times in one day, and when I got home, still wondering what to eat. I lose my appetite sometimes and when I do I just don’t feel like cooking at all. (poor kids and husband)

I usually do my grocery shopping in a bigger town, which is about a 30 minute drive and I can get a week worth of groceries too. But I’ve been putting it off so tomorrow for real I am going grocery shopping. I cannot wait for summer so we can pick our own and free blackberries right in front the house. and maybe I’ll plant some vegetables too like cucumber and tomato. crossing my fingers.

UPDATED: Ava was so patient today at the grocery stores, Costco, Winco and an Asian store! She’s my super shopping partner.

confession: we go to Costco just for the samples. 🙂 sometimes.

image image

Yay! we did it. now what’s for dinner? 🙂 hoping all these can last at least couple weeks. sometimes I forget there’s 6 mouths to feed in this house. 🙂
image CEREAL LOVERS! they eat cereal like candies.


till next time!

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