Willow Creek, Cali

We took a drive about an hour inland to find a river to swim in, and oh what a difference it makes. The temperature rises about 20 degrees to 82 with humidity and it felt good to me. Because we live so close to the coast and we get the breezy feel all the time, it actually feels like summer when we went inland. Its a very small town called Willow Creek, about 45 min drive from where we live.


DSC_0131 DSC_0114 Ava PLAYS in the water the whole time we were there. She loves it. DSC_0122




Mashell and I were trying to do trick on this board. 🙂 It was so FUN to me, at least. The water felt so good with the scorching hot weather.


food always tastes better by the water. it was so hot that we need to constantly get in the water or drink and make sure the kids get there hats on.



there was a park pretty close to the river so we stopped for a while to cool off.

DSC_0137 IMG_4337 truth about this girl is that she loves the bars at the playground. Every time we’re at a playground, she has to do a trick or at least play with the bars. its time to put her in gymnastic. 🙂  DSC_0145 DSC_0149

DSC_0146 DSC_0150

We got this whole park all to ourselves. it’s a small town alright. 🙂


and then dinner, because we know we’ll be too tired to cook when we get home. 🙂


There is so much and too many cool places to discover in California. 🙂



Family Portraits

 IMG_4128since my friend asked me to make graduation leis for her daughter, I’ve been

making them for fun, and all these flowers are from the backyard. Its so relaxing and it reminds me of home too every time I make leis or even just looking at flowers.

Mashell created these collage and I just love them. 🙂












I might print these out! 🙂

Sweet moments!

Every picture has a story, and this one is a sweet one. Papa has been sick for the past couple days where he has to sleep in a different room separate from all the girls. Ava woke up yesterday morning from her deep sleep and immediately asked to go see him, and this is what I came out to see. 🙂 She misses him! So sweet. She fell asleep on his shoulder, and when I took her to go put her back to bed, she wouldn’t let me, she slept on him for almost an hour. 🙂 it touches my heart so deeply. I love moments like this.


another sweet moment..the other day was my mom’s birthday, (first one without me calling her to wish her well) and so to honor her special day, I asked the girls to go around the backyard and find all beautiful flowers they could find. we all gathered all these lovely flowers, and it reminded me so much about mama.


My mom loves flowers and she likes to make mwaramwar (a braided flower we put on our head). I thought about you mama the whole time I made this mwaramwar.


Mashell enjoying the hammock.


Tyler took the kids to the forest while I did zumba. banana slugs and redwood trees. 🙂

IMG_5486 IMG_5475

our garden is doing so well, we harvested these and have taco night.


and lastly a picture at the beach when we were invited to a beach party by some fellow Micronesian. The food was so good!


All sweet moments!

First week of Summer

Last day of school picture! 🙂 Yay for another school year accomplished!


We started the summer break with VBS (Vacation Bible School), the very next week after school ended.


This is Ava pretty much everyday this week. She’s always the first one to get up and get ready for the day, it is so cute to see her get so excited about VBS. T helped out with the Preschool Group so they get to be together the whole time. I volunteered to be in Imagination Station where I get to show/teach the kids fun Sciency-activities and it was so fun, I actually learned something with the kids as well. 🙂


Pizza Party on the last day!…….and then that night, Mashell got sick..flu bug.


we went out to eat and she can’t even stand the smell of the food, she ended up having homemade granola with strawberries.


After we ate, we went to the beach and Mashell took a very good solid nap for more than couple hours, she got so tired from being sick the night before.


and then we recreated our wedding picture on our 12 anniversary. 🙂